What We Do

After a through investigation we have experienced that in rural Bengal most of our Bengal goats are not properly generating income  due to inbreeding problem. Although it is an excellent goat breed due to their quality meat, skin, inherrent immunity and excellent motherhood. But also that quality animal breeds not so producing their production.

We are very much grateful to the Dept of Animal Resource development department ,Bankura   Govt of west Bengal, Indian veterinary research Institute ,Kolkata, National dairy research Institute , Kalyani. Now our prime work is to restrict inbreeding problems  of Black Bengal goat  through Artificial insemination with pure Black Bengal Varity. For this mission now we are giving  modern scientific  training assistance to the Artificial insemination workers in the village level .

A group of experts are  working with us. After getting training  We may provide them Black Bengal frozen semen which may do proper breeding up to 73 hours when preserving at -196 degree centre grade.


We have stocked World famous Elite Black Bengal Bucks in our farm.

1. Collected from Central & State Government Institutions
2. So they are progeny tested & disease free.
3. Average body weight 25-30 Kgs
4.Trying to spread these germplasm through Artificial Insemination..  

Brucellosis Test by IVRI ERS Team

Every year a health check up camp done by the team of Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Kolkata Unit.Only negative Brucellosis certified Bucks we have used for our project.

Launching Frozen semen Dose As Commercialization

First Time in India we have introduced The Black Bengal Frozen Semen with high conception rate.

Technique … (AI With FST)

A simple speculam method technique we are using for Artificial Insemination in Goats. We have experiencing that women can easily adopt this techniue and huge scope for employment generation in rural area.